About Us

Our Story:

Founded by couples and dearest friends; Tom and Patty Lane, Mike and Nancy Demus.   Sharing many years of history and experience in music and missions, and a passion for other creative types and young people, together they’ve built a vehichle to serve both.  Since forming fourteen years ago, we have been linking artists and young people with opportunities to serve using their gifts and talents. Our teams have helped to launch training and equipping schools, youth events, festivals, worship conferences, camps, and seminars around the world like…Sozofestival.com (Hungary, UK), The Crucible (USA), Worshiptogether.com Conferences (USA), Musicoamusico.org Conferences (US, Argentina, Guatemala), Rock On The Rock (Italy), Reviveevents.com (USA, South Africa)

Revive grew out of a youth camp where Tom and Patty Lane met as young kids.  It has over 60 years of heritage and was handed off to a few, including Tom, that also grew up in the camp. We've continued running the camp the past 30 years and started Revive as way to involve other young leaders and invest in them.  Now it's a thriving event and a growing movement of young people, excited to reach their generation!

Board Of Directors:

the bridge a joseph company:
Tom and Patty Lane
Mike Demus
Rolf Weichardt

Tom and Patty Lane
Paul and Carrie Olson
Ronnie Calvert
David Boyd
Carol Robbins
Derek Oswald
Trey Hill